May 13, 2020

Technology and Home Care

With today’s announcement of HomeTeam raising over $27 million in venture capital, there is an increasing number of news stories around tech companies venturing into the home care sector. Undoubtedly, technology will eventually play a major role in the shaping of a more efficient home care industry, when used optimally. While the current models sit as either a virtual job board or as an efficient way to communicate information among varying care providers, it’s still in the early stages of the movement and we’re bound to see great innovation over the next few years.  For traditional home care companies, the decision to treat technology as either a business tool or as competition will certainly impact future fortunes. The key in all of this is understanding what tools are most valued by the people they are designed for and focus on the best of those.  At CareBuilders at Home, we embrace any developments that make life easier for our clients and continue to review and offer technological solutions that meet their needs.

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