May 13, 2020

Important things to know about aging-in-place…

As the senior population in our country continues to expand, a term we will hear quite often will be “aging-in-place”. While there are various inferences that can be drawn from those three words, what it means in all practicality is keeping seniors at home to live their full lives. A very large reason why this is a key focus is that there aren’t enough senior care facilities in Oakland to place to handle large increases in hospital stays, nursing homes, and similar facilities. Also to be considered is that many baby boomers suffered a significant impact on their retirement savings during the last economic downturn, so those resources aren’t quite as stable as they once were. This makes both housings for seniors and ways to facilitate care at home some of the more critical initiatives facing our rapidly-changing society.

Home Health Care News published a nice article about a report from the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Senior Health and Housing Task Force, titled “Healthy Aging Begins at Home”. It toplines all of the key areas that health care companies and public officials will address in the goal to provide excellent care for our seniors through technology and personnel. While aging-in-place will indeed be one of our larger challenges over the next decade-plus, rest assured that this is a priority for those who have the responsibility to provide for those in need.