May 13, 2020

6 Future Trends in Health Care to Watch For

The internet is filled with many great articles centered on the future of health care in the United States. This article from Relias Learning was particularly eye-catching as it focuses on some of the challenges to the current system that must change in order for the health care system to remain effective in our country. Organizations operating within the industry are deftly aware of all of this and are working hard to ensure a strong system remains in place. The key development opportunity is probably getting to a more integrated health care system, one in which organizations and agencies that operate in different areas are able to seamlessly partner in providing cost-effective and high-quality care. This will not be a simple task, given the disparate information systems currently in place, however, it will be a critical step in the right direction. From a senior in home care standpoint, companies like CareBuilders at Home can play a significant role in managing the health of at-risk patients. Since care is provided separately from restorative or rehabilitative treatments, caregivers can play a critical role in tracking changes in normal daily physical or emotional states for clients. Keeping a journal of activities, emotions, and daily habits help families and potentially health care providers address changes and prevent them from becoming acute or critical. This is important not only in keeping a family member or loved one going but also in giving hospitals and health care providers tools to help prevent certain conditional changes with their patients.

There are a few other salient points brought up in the article about big changes to watch for. I think it makes for quite compelling reading.