Here is a great article published on Home Health Care News that examines some of the preemptive moves and focal areas for the federal government as they prepare for the upcoming “Age Wave”,  or the growth in the over-65 population in the United States.  It will be essential for families to understand all options available to them and to begin to develop a plan for post-retirement care needs.  As population dynamics have shifted, often involving relocation of family members, new and different solutions will be in play for many.  It will be important to discuss the preferences and wants before the needs arise.  It is often an unsettling and stressful time for the entire family, so a game plan in advance of life stage changes will ease the burden for everyone.  There are many facets involved in the caring community for those who need assistance, and home care will be just one of those resources a family can look to as they consider their options.

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